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What we miss when we travel in first class on planes

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I imagine that most of us when we fly, do not use the first class of aircraft, preferring perhaps save a little bit on the flight in order to spend more during the holiday. But have you ever wondered what we lose when we do not travel first class? From the first class we only separate the thin veil of a door, what lies behind the curtain expensive? What wonders await us in first class on planes? Let’s say that you can fly safely even not in first class, however, themselves some curiosity that evil can do?

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The wonders of the first class of aircraft
The first class of some aircraft is equipped with luxurious showers and ultra technology; see for example the A380 to Emirates Airline. There is no shortage fluffy towels and bathrobes, hot water is assured, but watch out: the shower can last up to five minutes. Okay the first class, but you can’t expect that an aircraft has infinite water equipment.

Another important detail is moisture control. The Lufthansa A380 can adjust the humidity of the environment of the first class so as not to dehydrate too passengers during the flight. It seems that this helps to better overcome jet lag. Moving on to another topic, it seems that the first class of ANA is equipped with bidet in the bathroom with hot water. It seems that their toilet paper is not enough, but … who would never the bidet on an airplane?

If these luxuries you can easily do without, the next might make you groove. How many times have you wished that the seat next to yours was empty to be able to settle more comfortably? How uncomfortable sleep all night on a narrow seat? Well, some of the first classes will not only equip the lucky passenger seat, but also to bed. And ‘what happens on the Lufthansa B 747-400: the bed is placed near the window, next to it is the seat on the aisle side and you can choose to sleep comfortably lying or watch television while sitting in an armchair.

Another convenience of the first class of some airlines is the ‘ driver. What do you need? Simple, is part of the welcome package of airfare. The day before the welcome calls you to ask if you need anything. The day of the flight your driver will pick you up (other than daring combinations of trains, planes, cars that force you to start with one day in advance) and there deposited at the airport, where you will also benefit from a fast track to the Gate.

Cathay Pacific offers its passengers a rich collection of works of art. There is enough for television, movies, drinks, music? Well, turn your gaze around you to admire some splendid sculptures of Maria Lobo and Linda Leviton. The top bed is not enough? How about a complete suite? It happens on the Singapore Airlines A380: here you will have a comfortable bed, flat screen, leather seats and sliding doors that can be isolated from the rest of the plane. And there are also the double beds for couples.