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The future resort: floating island by Michele Puzzolante

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Global warming threatens the future then, but as we know, any change can be seen from different points of view, and Michele Puzzolante, an Italian designer who works in Miami, Florida, sees it as an opportunity.

solar floating island

Opportunity to realize his floating Island, official name – Solar Floating Island, a futuristic and ultra modern and good-living form, halfway between a resort and a cruise ship, where you can enjoy the sea, even where there are no Islands any more, because it disappeared. As in the Maldives, for example.

As explained by the same Michael, the islands of the Maldives are threatened by rising sea level caused by climate change. None of the more than 1,200 islands which form the Maldives are more than six feet above sea level, so that is a realistic assumption, that if the current climate change is not stopped, the entire ocean nation (modern version of the myth of Atlantis) will end up under water.

For Maldivians, who are at the forefront in the battle against these climate changes, Michele has his own project, as an alternative, however, to secure a sustainable future.

The Solar Floating Island are totally self-sufficient, with solar power generators are capable of providing the necessary support to the inhabitants. Several islands connected by floating pontoons, can create residential areas, proto-villages.