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travel in first class on planes

travel in first class

What we miss when we travel in first class on planes

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I imagine that most of us when we fly, do not use the first class of aircraft, preferring perhaps save a little bit on the flight in order to spend more during the holiday. But have you ever wondered what we lose when we do not travel first class? From the first class we only separate the thin veil of a door, what lies behind the curtain expensive? What wonders await us in first class on planes? Let’s say that you can fly safely even not in first class, however, themselves some curiosity that evil can do?

travel in first class

The wonders of the first class of aircraft
The first class of some aircraft is equipped with luxurious showers and ultra technology; see for example the A380 to Emirates Airline. There is no shortage fluffy towels and bathrobes, hot water is assured, but watch out: the shower can last up to five minutes. Okay the first class, but you can’t expect that an aircraft has infinite water equipment.Read More »What we miss when we travel in first class on planes