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Must-sees in Murcia

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There’s more to Murcia than sunshine and relaxation. If you visit Murcia this year make sure you take in some of the fantastic cultural and historical sites for which the city is renowned.


One of the most important and famous sights in Murcia is the Cathedral de Santa Maria, the Cathedral of Santa Maria, with its impressive size and grandeur and beautiful architecture forming the focal point of the town. Be aware that there are often beggars standing at the doors of the cathedral but it’s actually free to enter and is wonderfully peaceful and calm inside; you might even witness a wedding taking place when you visit! After your visit to the Cathedral, you might decide to enjoy some authentic Spanish cuisine such as paella in one of the restaurants on Cardenal Belluga Plaza, the square directly outside the Cathedral.

You could easily fill another day by visiting the Palacio Episcopal, or Archbishop’s Palace, designed by famous architect Antoni Gaudi, most often associated with Barcelona. The Palacio Episcopal is one of the most famous tourist sites in Murcia and is designed to look like an old Gothic castle. It’s now home to the large Episcopal museum, which is ideal for a visit on a rainy day.

As well as the works of art housed within the museum, the stained glass windows inside are quite beautiful to look at. Even if you visit when the museum is closed or if you just don’t fancy going in, the Palacio Episcopal is impressive simply viewed from the square outside.

Cheap flights to Murcia go regularly from UK airports, so you can easily come for a last minute city break or a week’s holiday at pretty much any time of year, and, as well as visiting specific sites like the cathedral, it’s lovely just to sit and relax in one of the town’s several plazas and watch the world go by as you enjoy a drink and soak up the sunshine.

In terms of the best time to visit Murcia, the summer months can get very hot indeed and even spring months can reach high 20s, so visit in spring or autumn if you’re after a sightseeing type of holiday and don’t want to have to battle the crowds or risk overheating. Rain is rare most of the year round and you’re unlikely to get cold whenever you visit.