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famous sights in Murcia


Must-sees in Murcia

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There’s more to Murcia than sunshine and relaxation. If you visit Murcia this year make sure you take in some of the fantastic cultural and historical sites for which the city is renowned.


One of the most important and famous sights in Murcia is the Cathedral de Santa Maria, the Cathedral of Santa Maria, with its impressive size and grandeur and beautiful architecture forming the focal point of the town. Be aware that there are often beggars standing at the doors of the cathedral but it’s actually free to enter and is wonderfully peaceful and calm inside; you might even witness a wedding taking place when you visit! After your visit to the Cathedral, you might decide to enjoy some authentic Spanish cuisine such as paella in one of the restaurants on Cardenal Belluga Plaza, the square directly outside the Cathedral.Read More »Must-sees in Murcia