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How to survive the return from vacation

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Overcoming jet lag will be a walk in comparison to the thought of returning to work. The long-awaited vacation, a source of relaxation and enjoyment, has only one flaw: that end. So we return to our office more tired and stressed departure, with so much sadness, depression, unhappiness and irritated at the most. Not only that, insomnia or drowsiness, muscle pains, mood swings, loss of appetite are some psychosomatic symptoms that you can take home after returning from vacation. Here’s how to survive the re-entry syndrome at work.

overcoming jet lag

Get organized before leaving
Do not let outstanding works; it is preferable to leave exhausted but without thoughts rather than with the worm of homework that await you on the desk. Not only work: committees, bills, outstanding accounts, reports and any number.

No communication
If you can, cut off all communications relating to work: just enter the auto-reply email diversion to notify that you are on vacation, turn off the mobile phone.

Preparations at home
Before leaving, make sure you leave the house in order, with full fridge and settled. The return will seem less traumatic.

Prepare yourself
Return with the thought of something nice to do before returning to work: a dinner with friends, a date with a person you want, a walk.

Take back quietly
Allow yourself at least one day of standby before returning to work and resume your daily stress. For example, go back to work on Wednesday, the short week will be less heavy.

The books will make you break out if not with the body at least with the mind.

On vacation at home
Keep up the healthy habits of the holiday for a few more days after returning from vacation: a dinner out, a bit of good fun, some passion gained on vacation to cultivate here as well.