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survive the return from vacation

overcoming jet lag

How to survive the return from vacation

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Overcoming jet lag will be a walk in comparison to the thought of returning to work. The long-awaited vacation, a source of relaxation and enjoyment, has only one flaw: that end. So we return to our office more tired and stressed departure, with so much sadness, depression, unhappiness and irritated at the most. Not only that, insomnia or drowsiness, muscle pains, mood swings, loss of appetite are some psychosomatic symptoms that you can take home after returning from vacation. Here’s how to survive the re-entry syndrome at work.

overcoming jet lag

Get organized before leaving
Do not let outstanding works; it is preferable to leave exhausted but without thoughts rather than with the worm of homework that await you on the desk. Not only work: committees, bills, outstanding accounts, reports and any number. Read More »How to survive the return from vacation