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How to manage jetlag

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Did this year you take a hiring of vacancies at the end of the world and are you a little afraid not to support the jetlag? No problem! Follow these tips and you come home from your vacation fresh and in good shape, without suffering from jet lag.

manage jetlag

A well regulated body
Our body is set to our internal clock with day/night cycle especially rhythm. If you have booked a holiday in Beijing, Sydney and in the French West Indies, certainly you have this gap, also known as jet lag.

Fatigue and difficulty making the pace of new schedules are the main consequences of jet lag. Generally, these concerns appear when crossing multiple time zones at once, on a trip. Very rapidly, reaching your holiday, you will suffer from insomnia, somnolence or even digestive problems. These symptoms will be stronger or weaker depending on your age, your sex, or your fatigue and stress to your holiday departure.

Learn how to manage jet lag
There are several tricks to successfully manage correctly the jet lag. As a first step, get ready for these new zones. For this example, you can set your watch to your destination hours before leaving, it will prepare you psychologically. You can also use some medication to help you sleep during the trip, however, do not overdo it, it could have negative effects.

Try to stay awake all day on arrival in the country of your holiday. This will force you to take immediately the pace and you can quickly enjoy your holiday. Remember also to expose you to the light, and do not start immediately nocturnal activities, to give a little energy to your body.