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10 must see destinations in 2018

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Whether because they are celebrated as cultural capitals, because they have been chosen by tourism guides as the best or because they preside over a global event, these ten destinations will be part of the travelers’ radar during the year.

destinations in 2018

Undoubtedly, Russia will be a must in 2018. Beyond the celebration of the Football World Cup, Moscow and St. Petersburg have a vibrant tourist offer, even for non-sports fans.

In the same line is South Korea, with the Winter Olympics, with Seoul (its capital) and Pyeongchang as venues of the World Cup event, with plans for all.

Other sites such as Valletta (Malta), Guanajuato (Mexico), several regions of Chile and the classic Athens and Lisbon provide historical, cultural and nature experiences. With this list we receive the year: good trip!

1. Valletta (Malta), cultural capital

This year, the cities of Valletta (Malta) and Leeuwarden (Holland) will be chosen as European Capitals of Culture. In the Mediterranean Valletta, in addition to its paradisiacal beaches and the sunsets from its cliffs, visitors will find activities to celebrate this appointment since June 14. The agenda includes theater, opera, music and art.


Leeuwarden, on the other hand, will have exhibitions in galleries, museums, theaters and bars during the year. Recommended to visit the Gothic brick tower Oldehove.

2. Chile, most diverse in the Southern Cone

The southern country was selected by the Lonely Planet guide as the number one to visit thanks to the diversity of its landscapes. The Patagonia stands out and, there, the Torres del Paine National Park. Also, Santiago de Chile, which in addition to museums and monuments offers an active nightlife. Recommended are the Atacama Desert, the most arid non-polar desert on Earth that is 105,000 km² long, and Antofagasta, a region in northern Chile where the Mano del Desierto (Hand of the Desert) and La Portada natural monument are located.

3. Disney celebrates 90 years of Mickey Mouse

All of Disney’s parks (located in Orlando, California, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo and Hong Kong) will celebrate 90 years of the most famous entertainment mouse.

disney park

In addition to the mechanical attractions and the permanent shows, in each there will be celebrations and activities to commemorate this anniversary. Generally, one day is not enough to tour the parks; it is recommended to reserve at least two.

Keep in mind: it is advisable to visit these parks in low season; that is, in the months of May, September and November.

4. Pyeongchang and Seoul, Winter Olympics

South Korea will celebrate the 2018 Winter Olympics between February 9 and 25. Pyeongchang, a city of just 40,500 inhabitants, will host. Seoul is two hours away, the capital of the country, a vibrant city with historical monuments, such as Changdeokgung, declared World Heritage by Unesco. Also, nightlife and shopping centers stand out in the city.

5. Russia, for the soccer fan

Without a doubt, this country is an obligatory destination. In addition to being home to the most important sporting event of the year, Russia has cities such as Moscow, with many activities and places to visit, including the Lenin’s Mausoleum, the Kremlin wall and Saint Basil’s Cathedral. The Bolshoi Theater is also one of the most important in the world and home to famous Opera and Ballet companies.

6. South Africa, 100 years of Nelson Mandela

On July 18 will be 100 years of the birth of Nelson Mandela and South Africa will celebrate. The first black president of this country and Nobel Peace Prize of 1993 will be honored during the year. In Cape Town, the capital, you can find apartheid tours and tours of Soweto, the neighborhood that staged several clashes between the National Party government and black citizens.

south africa nelson mandela

Likewise, Cape Town offers a mixture of urbanism and nature. Tourists can go to Table Mountain or Kirstenbosch for hiking and climbing. And it is also possible to visit the Heart of Cape Town Museum and the Costa Victoria & Alfred maritime zone, which show the contrast between the cultures that live there. A few minutes from the center of the city there are several beaches of clear water for those who wish to sleep under the sun. A few to keep in mind are Queens, Glen Oaks and Oudekraal.

7. Guanajuato, inspiration for Coco

According to the guide of Lonely Planet, this is one of the most representative cities of Mexican culture thanks to music; gastronomy and architecture are mixed to inspire artists and tourists. Located in the center of Mexico, this city with five million inhabitants offers travelers the chance to get to know the house of Diego Rivera or the Alhondiga de Granaditas Museum. The International Balloon Festival is one of the best known events. In this, hundreds of balloons from around the world and with different types of figures are raised to the sky, creating a unique view.

8. Athens, the capital of the book

Unesco chose the Greek city as the capital of the book of 2018. The celebration begins on April 23, when they will begin meetings with writers and illustrators, concerts, thematic exhibitions, poetry recitals and workshops for professionals in the book industry.


In addition to these activities, it is recommended to walk through Plaka or Monastiraki and visit the ancient Acropolis, the Parthenon and the Temple of Athena Nike.

9. Seville, the best for Lonely Planet

The capital of flamenco was chosen by the Lonely Planet tourist guide as the best city to visit. This city of Andalusia is an ideal choice for lovers of art and bohemian. The recommended places are the Alameda de Hercules, the Mercado de la Feria and the palace of the Marquises of la Algaba, a restored civil monument that became the Mudejar Art Interpretation Center.

10. Lisbon, heritage and gastronomy

The capital of Portugal was awarded by the World Travel Awards as one of the best quality destinations for its historical, cultural and gastronomic value. Going through the pubs and tasting the wines are outstanding plans, as well as eating the Pasteis de Belem (Belem cake). The other facet of the city is the historical one: the castle of San Jorge allows to imagine an old Lisbon; and the Tower of Flock, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, is an architectural jewel and a symbol of its culture.