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An exceptional stay in Thailand

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Want exotic? Choose a holiday in Thailand, a hip destination with one of the most spiciest of the East…

holiday in thailand

Now the second most visited tourist destination in Asia, Thailand seduced by its warm and exotic appearance. The Bangkok airport, which is considered one of the busiest in Asia also runs at full capacity all year.

But what draws in Thailand? It’s unique culture, a country that was never colonized and, between modernity and tradition, has been maintaining and developing the finest aspects of its civilization. Forget for a while churches and castles of Europe, discover the temples to the Thousand Buddhas of jade and the unknown gods of the Thailand. Fascinating by their size, many buildings fall into both world records in size only by their age. Painting, sculpture, architecture, everything in detail, the temples and palaces conceal treasures that can be admired endlessly.

Cultural events in large numbers will help you understand even more vivid the Thailand: between a flower festival, a religious festival, a Thai boxing match, each event is different and yet each event is linked to the emotion that it transmits, it must go there to understand… One thing is certain, whatever the event to which you attend, you can not remain indifferent.

Another aspect of Thailand draws: a lush, between wild orchids and exotic species, jungle protected by large natural parks, where you can make beautiful walks. For maximum enjoyment, simply hire a guide, which allows browsing the greenest areas of the country by bicycle, on foot, on elephant back or by canoe safely. From the mountains to the coast, passing by large tracts of cultivated rice, each landscape conceals a beauty worthy of a postcard.

Go to Thailand to take advantage of the beaches is also a good motivation: found on the shoreline of the country of blue water lagoons and white sandy beaches, a beautiful setting which has nothing to envy the islands. You can add to that a generous sun to relax and take colors. The exploration of the magnificent seabed is also part of the essential activities of a stay in Thailand.

Finally, who has never heard of Thai massage? Nursing homes, spas, hot springs, meditation… All means are good to give your body what is best in the field of relaxation, with the famous Asian techniques.

The flavors of Thai cuisine… Moreover, renowned worldwide and salt mixture sweet, bitter and spicy… it’s an art that deserves to be discovered. The exotic dessert will be felt until you can then explore the fruits of which you had probably never heard of.