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Thailand draws

holiday in thailand

An exceptional stay in Thailand

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Want exotic? Choose a holiday in Thailand, a hip destination with one of the most spiciest of the East…

holiday in thailand

Now the second most visited tourist destination in Asia, Thailand seduced by its warm and exotic appearance. The Bangkok airport, which is considered one of the busiest in Asia also runs at full capacity all year.

But what draws in Thailand? It’s unique culture, a country that was never colonized and, between modernity and tradition, has been maintaining and developing the finest aspects of its civilization. Forget for a while churches and castles of Europe, discover the temples to the Thousand Buddhas of jade and the unknown gods of the Thailand. Fascinating by their size, many buildings fall into both world records in size only by their age. Painting, sculpture, architecture, everything in detail, the temples and palaces conceal treasures that can be admired endlessly.Read More »An exceptional stay in Thailand