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Family holidays in Switzerland

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Switzerland is a Family destination! There are 31 family resorts that offer a warm welcome. Switzerland is a veritable playground that promises to satisfy all your desires.

holidays in Switzerland

In winter, it’s time to hit the slopes. Find the legendary Swiss mountain scenery and hospitality of this country of its own. In Switzerland, an epicurean experience is required. Each region to its flagship dish: the “Ribelmais” of St. Gallen (Vaud sausage with leek), the wilt of Lake Constance, the famous Raclette du Valais and Zurich for its chopped.

At home time, make a stopover in the city watch, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland’s unique urban checkerboard configuration. It is also internationally known to be the Swiss cradle of Art nouveau. By choosing a location in Bern, the capital, you will be charmed by the historical traces of the city that was classified a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Do not miss it, the Paul Klee Centre and the largest collection of works by the artist in the world. In Basel you will discover a city open to the world while being attached to its traditions. Practice easily a cultural tourism as Basel is regarded as a center of art, music and architecture. One of the iconic cities of Switzerland’s is Geneva, the UN’s European headquarters and main headquarters of the Red Cross. It is called “capital of peace”.

During your stay in Switzerland, you can practice, Nordic walking, brisk walking that takes place everywhere. Arosa offers routes for all levels. The Swiss Topwalk on Weisshorn is also worth visiting. You can also go back in time by embarking on the steamers which cross Lake Lucerne.