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Wistman’s Wood, enchanted forest in southern England

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Wistman’s Wood area is small and remote ancient forests in the region of Dartmoor, in southern England. It is a leafy forest and wetland, the last survivor of a large wooded area covering the South of the country thousands of years ago. A jewel of ancient oaks and beautiful birds that make you dream. If there are goblins, fairies and elves is no doubt that living in this forest!

Wistman's Wood

Trees of Wistman’s Wood are very old and their trunks twisted because of the weather. Their branches and wind are tied creating fantastic shapes. A ground layer of moss is very often and breathes the wonderful smell of damp earth, while our ears are filled with mysterious sounds. This is the adventure living who goes into this forest.

The tangle of trunks, branches and plants makes Wistman’s Wood is woodland that impregnable, for goodness sake! So far has not been tamed. It is a place that over the centuries has inspired many legends of Druids, but also with ghosts, demons and other supernatural creatures. All this has helped the inhabitants feared and respected around this enchanted place. One of these legends tells that a pack of dogs of hell lives in the trees of this forest and goes out hunting every night: its huge black dogs with red eyes, huge yellow teeth and an insatiable hunger for human flesh. They say that at night they hear howl from the villages around.

There is a path around the northern edge of the forest is the ancient Lych Way or “Way of the Dead” along which had brought the dead bodies to be buried at Lydford: another reason to think that the woods are an enchanted place and supernatural.

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