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Where spend several holidays?

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Open to other cultures, you are ready to share your expertise and your knowledge-being… You give your stay by choosing another dimension, at any time of the year for holidays together.

vacation solidarity

Your mission will lead to development assistance in the field you choose, including: transmission of knowledge, mentoring children, entertainment, and food distribution, installation of water pumps to supply the people and their livestock, reforestation…

These authentic vacation you can be lead in a francophone country, Benin, for example, in the heart of West Africa where 70% of the population is rural. Porto Novo is situated only thirteen kilometers from the ocean Atlantic. Note two animal parks including one, in common with the Niger and Burkina Faso, a country where you will visit the Cathedral of mud brick, in Ouagadougou.

In South America, climb upwards and go to Ecuador, Quito where you will appreciate the remarkable colonial architecture. You will approach the mysteries of the kingdom of the Incas, the Amazon rainforest and be fascinated by the natural sanctuary of the Galapagos, not to mention the beautiful beaches of the Pacific.

In Asia, put your suitcase in Cambodia, Phnom Penh. You can stroll, passing robed monks in the colors of the sunset. Take the road north to admire beautiful landscapes, rice fields, floating villages. Statues and temples of the city of Angkor, built in the twelfth century, you expect, evidence of the civilization of the ancient Khmer empire.

Your vacation solidarity, its simplicity, will be a real human adventure, warm, full of emotions, it will also be a good school of life for your children.