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Cultural holidays in Berlin

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Berlin is a city steeped in history with also a huge cultural and artistic heritage. A good idea to start a cultural holiday in Berlin is to tour the city in a double-decker bus: Fifteen stops are planned to help you discover the most famous monuments.

holiday in Berlin

When passing a holiday in Berlin, there are major attractions including the Reichstag, the seat of the Parliament of the German Federal Republic. Today it is the most visited parliament in the world.

We continue with the Brandenburg Gate which is the last gate of the wall surrounding the granting Berlin until 1860. After having been a symbol of war, it has become the symbol of European peace and unity.

It always comes by large squares like Bebelplatz is one of the most beautiful or the Gendarmenmarkt and its two cathedrals.

One of the remnants of the imperial policy of the 19th century is the museums where you can discover collections of art of the ancient world and of many internationally renowned museums.

You do not leave Berlin without the wall and see a symbol of the Cold War: “Checkpoint Charlie” are three main places to remember: a remnant of the Wall and the exhibition “Topography of Terror”, the East Side Gallery is the longest stretch with an open-air gallery and finally the Bernauer Strasse, another entire section.

We can not leave from Berlin without listening to the Philharmonic and take advantage of one of the best acoustics in the world with an orchestra in the heart of the city.