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What to see in Brussels

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Brussels is the capital of Belgium and its largest city, also has a very important character at the political level in Europe, and that is the main administrative headquarters of the European Union. It is the headquarters among other things, The European Commission, The European Council and The European Parliament headquarters. This great European capital has many sites to visit, so it will be an ideal vacation.


One of the most famous squares in Belgium, and that brings a lot of important buildings is the Grand Place. Located in the heart of geographical, historical and commercial center of Brussels is part of the most beautiful architectural ensemble of the whole city. These are some of the most photographed buildings:

Maison du Roi: For many years it was the residence of the monarchs of the time, but today the Museum of the city, where you can find paintings, tapestries and other objects.

Hotel de Ville: This is the town hall, and is the oldest building in the square. Data from 1459 and underlines a tower of 96 meters, where you can see a statue of San Miguel.

Maison des Ducs de Brabant: This is a set of 6 guild houses, Flemish root.

Le Pigeon: housing in which the novelist Victor Hugo stayed during their exile.

The Palace of Justice in Brussels is the largest and most impressive buildings that exist throughout Europe. Today it is the seat of the Justice courts. For its large size, 26,000 meters of surface, and 104 feet tall, this building is visible from most of the city. The construction of this colossal building took place between 1866 and 1883. The interior is also a gem that is worth visiting. It has a lobby with over 100 meters high. The building has two floors and a basement, all accessible to the public. What’s more, the visit will leave you totally free … Who gives more?

Another interesting palace is the Royal Palace in Brussels. It is the headquarters of the Belgian monarchy. Here are among other things the offices of kings, some ministries or official meeting. It is located south of the Park of Brussels, in the uptown area.

One of the most representative symbols of Brussels is the small statue called Manneken Pis. It measures about 50 inches and depicting a naked little boy urinating into the fountain stack. About hundreds of legends have been created about this little statuette. Oddly enough at certain times throughout the year, the City disguises to the original statue. This tradition began in 1698 when a governor gave the first piece to dress up the statue. In the Museo de La Ville you can contemplate the different costumes that make up the costume of this unique piece.

So if you want to eat the best chocolate or be in the center of the European politics, you can not miss Brussels, one of the best places in Europe.