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Whale-watching cruises: scam or good plan?

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There are now whale-watching cruises in various places on the planet. From Quebec to New Zealand via the South African or Chile, regardless of the country where you go, you will find many offers to go to the whales and other marine mammals.

whale watching cruises

The first thing to check is the season when the whales frequent the waters on which you are visiting. Indeed, some companies will offer cruises year- round or almost, but sometimes you may be disappointed. And spending two hours in the cold and wet to see only small waves on the horizon and not a single fin can be very frustrating!

Second, find out more about the vessels used: large vessels must comply with safety limits while the larger dinghies and small boats can approach much more. If you do not get seasick, so prefer smaller ships: the quality of the cruise often worth the price difference…

Another very important: ask about the ecological implication of the cruise. More and more companies are involved in the preservation of the natural environment in which they work. Feel free to ask questions at several companies before making your choice (they are often close to each other). Take this opportunity to also compare the prices, especially in areas of high competition…

Hint: if there are several departures throughout the day, wait the arrival of a previous group and watch the faces of passengers getting off. Can put a big smile and exchange pictures, you’re on track!