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Venice, romantic destination

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If it is at the doors of your marriage and do not know what destination you choose for your honeymoon. Do not think twice, we present Venice, Italian city, known for its canals. The simple gondola ride, the architecture and the whole atmosphere of this beautiful city makes the most romantic destination in the world.

venice romantic destination

Unfortunately always suffers from floods, it is said that some day will disappear but measurements are performed in this regard. But before that happens, you should visit this city.

Do not think only be transported with gondolas, you can also use a kind of boats that operate as taxis. Visit the dazzling Palazzo Ducale and be sure to marvel at the famous paintings of Titian, Tintoretto, in the Palazzo Grassi also will see beautiful pieces.

The churches such as the St Mark’s Basilica, the Church of Mercy are not be missed. Not only are environments where may be reviving faith but will also be amazed with its architecture. Not everything is water in Venice; you can visit these places by walking through the streets and sidewalks.

Visit Venice before it can go, keep in mind that each year sinking an inch.