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Care when traveling by bus

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Always travel by bus will be cheaper to go in your own car or take a taxi. Believe it or not, it is sometimes safer to travel on a bus then go alone in unknown taxi. But we consider it important to take some points into consideration if you have decided to take a bus to another province or just within your city.

traveling by bus

We must take into account factors such as our health. If you are pregnant it is better that before taking a bus to make a long trip, you ask your doctor that you orients it. Generally not a problem if you are between 4 and 7 months of gestation, but better check.

If you travel outside, try to do it by day, and to enjoy the scenery and the sight will be interesting, avoid the dangers that exist on the roads at night.

While you wait for the bus in your city, do so at authorized stops. Do not stand on any corner because buses will not stop and it may suffer an accident.

If, however, your trip will be within the city must first assess how long it will take to travel from one place to another by bus and if it is worth it in order to save a little. We say this because the buses are foci of spreading disease because they are poorly ventilated and with many people.

Before you get to realize if there are people on the bus, and before sitting down note the condition of the seats, there are always accidents getting dirty skirt or trouser not seen before if there were any stain.

Always carry coins because people who charge tickets must do so quickly and you will lose time by picking the bills. Also not sure, may give false notes or coins.