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Trip to Dominican Republic

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Major destination in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic occupies about two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean Sea, Haiti occupies the western third of the island. St. Domingo, the capital, is the largest city, and also the first tourist destination in the Caribbean to Cuba.

Dominican Republic

These are not just the architectural treasures on the island that you mark, but all this excitement, this unique folklore from many of interbreeding. All these influences have conferred the country will have a special that will make unforgettable your vacation in the Dominican Republic.

All the ingredients for a dream vacation: lots of sun, hundreds of miles of white sand, fishing villages, tunes of traditional music, crocodiles, whales, a few quaffing of rum, without forgetting local mood!

The diversity of these landscapes offer a wide variety of excursions: national parks, many waterfalls and white water rafting canyoning and rafting, night tours, jeep safari in Santo Domingo… They can be done on foot, horseback, quad, boat or by bus: for all tastes and budgets! To be followed by moments of well-deserved leisure to soak up the sun beside a white sand beach lined with coconut trees.

The influence of American neighbor is very marked: baseball and basketball are the national sports of its own. The cockfight is also a very popular sport in Santo Domingo as a symbol of macho society. Women are accepted provided they are discreet.

Feel free to get acquainted with the “Sancocho”, a stew of meat and vegetables, essential to Dominican food. But the most consumed dish in the Dominican Republic remains the “pica pollo”, fast food chicken served with bananas.

Many carnivals are held throughout the country, but more interesting still is the carnival of the vega, in the Cibao region, since from a long tradition. The masks symbolizing the devil are impressive because of their violent colors.