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Traveling with Children by Air: 10 Tips for a Stress-Free Trip

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The moment we decide to travel with children by plane, surely at home children will jump for joy, is that traveling by plane is an adventure! But this adventure can become a nightmare for us, especially if the trip is long and we do not take into account all the details.

air travel with children

Today we will talk about this aspect of traveling with children: 10 tips for an airplane trip without stress and that our vacations start in the best way…..

Unload energies before boarding

We already know that children are an inexhaustible source of energy, and if they board the plane with that entire load, added to the normal excitement of the trip… it is like having a volcano in the cabin. Before boarding, let them run, play, of course without disturbing the rest of the passengers. Take them to see the planes from the window, if you have the opportunity to see them take off and land is a sight that enchants children of any age.

Many airports have play areas reserved for children, take advantage of them to be unloaded and arrive at the boarding more quiet.

Go to the bathroom before boarding

Once we have got on the plane, we will have more difficulty taking the children to the toilet: in the take-off phase we will have to be quiet in our places with the put belts, reason why we will not be able to get up to go to the bathroom. During the clear flight we can do it, but we already know that the aircraft bathrooms are small and moving there with the children can be quite complicated. If the flight is short, it may be enough to convince the kids to go to the bathroom before boarding, to avoid these problems.

Shifts window

For children it is a great experience to be able to contemplate the phases of take-off and landing from the window, not to mention to see the earth from the clouds. Therefore, if possible, allow the children to move from place to place so that everyone can enjoy the show, and incidentally there are no fights due to this issue.

Take books and games for the flight

Having to spend almost as much time as the flight almost stationary for children can be a torture. Before leaving home asks them to choose a game or book they want to take, of course explaining which are the most suitable for the space they will have. Books, video games, coloring books, dolls for the little ones, may be the most appropriate choices.

Special menus

If you are traveling with a flag airline, inform them in advance because depending on the routes, it is possible to request in advance a special menu for children. In general, the order must be made at least 24 hours before the flight, so once in an airplane you cannot ask for any changes. It is also possible to request menus for vegetarians, diabetics, etc. Remember that low cost airlines do not offer meals, but drinks and snacks are available on board.

Take something for eat

If your children have special tastes and may not want to eat the food offered by the plane, or if the flight is short and does not provide for lunch or dinner, take with you something to peck, such as a packet of cookies. You can also bring some drinks and food for the babies, but always inform them in advance of the rules for the transport of liquids on board, and inform the security personnel that you carry liquids for the children.

Take a change of clothes

A dripping drink or a diaper that does not do its job can become a potential disaster if we are not careful to bring a change of clothes for each child. If we have an accident like this, a quick change and nothing has happened here!

Control ears before traveling

If you can, take the children to the pediatrician before flying in order to control their ears and be sure that everything is fine. A small swelling can become an intense pain during the flight, and with this small gesture of caution we can make to travel calm to our children and other passengers.

Choose the most appropriate places

Reserve your seats in time, so you can choose the most appropriate places for your family, depending on how many you are and the needs you have. For example, the seats in the first row usually have more legroom; if you travel with a baby it is best to take the seat in the corridor, so that you can get up as many times as necessary without disturbing anyone. The low cost airlines allow you to choose the places at the time of purchase of the ticket, paying a small additional.

Stay calm

If all these tips have not prevented children from getting nervous and during the flight there is the dreaded crisis of weeping, stay calm. Your nervousness will only serve to alter even more of the small. Remember that crying helps to reduce pressure in the ears, so unless there is no other problem, the child will calm down after a few minutes. And if your seat neighbors look at you badly, then come from them!

With these tips for traveling with children by plane you will have more possibilities to have a calm flight and arrive at the well deserved vacations with a smile, put them into practice on your next trip!

image source: CNN