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Top Honeymoon Destinations

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Honeymoon is one of the most exciting holidays in a couple’s life. There are different things you could as part of your honeymoon trip. The options are endless. Depending on the type of couple you are, you can choose a different trip to suit your individual preferences.

honeymoon destinations

You could choose to go on a mountaineering trip, visit some Bali family villas or go on a theme park adventure. Whatever you choose, ensure you plan well ahead and get all the necessary information on time so you can plan and enjoy your trip nicely. Check out different honeymoon packages and you will be sure to find some great deals that will be sure to please you.

Here are some top ideas for honeymoon destinations


A stunning South-East Asian destination famous for its stunning locales, colourful history and mouth-watering food. It has attracted many couples for its artistic temples and vivid art culture. You could choose to stay at one of the different private villas and explore the beaches and watch a traditional dance performance.


Paris and romance can almost be synonyms. So popular is this city for couples and lovers alike that it is often known as the most romantic city in the world. Its combination of stunning architecture, delicious food and thought provoking art make it a great destination for newlywed couples.


Another stunning European location with unspoiled natural beauty. There is so much to see and explore in terms of the natural locales that you might be spoilt for choice. Stay at a small inn which offers bed and breakfast and enjoy your time hiking or taking in the beautiful surroundings around you.


Venice, Italy has got to be one of the most picturesque places to visit when it comes to a honeymoon trip. The city’s postcard perfect streets are ideal to capture your most romantic holiday. Spend some time taking a relaxing boat ride or explore the enormous domes of the Basilica di San Marco.


Harbour Island in Bahamas is a stunning beach location that is often visited by famous celebrities like Bill Gates and Elle Macpherson. You can stay in one of their spacious one bedroom suites which includes a private outdoor balcony or patio.

South Africa

If you are confused about the type of honeymoon you want to have then you should go to South Africa, specifically Cape town for there are wild landscapes, stunning beaches and the hustle and bustle of a big city. Plan early and you could even get a chance to experience a safari.


A beautiful European country known for its gorgeous beaches and delicious food. The most popular of these are is a small volcanic island known as Santorini. There are lots of things you can do during your stay here. You could walk across the beaches or go hiking or shop at the different boutiques.

The above list should help you make a decision for when you decide to plan your honeymoon. There is something to please every couple.