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The low cost shopping in London is done by Primark in Oxford Street

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The photo, which was taken at 499 Oxford Street about a month ago, was titrated Primark madness, with the subtitle “People lined up for the opening”. The London store of this chain of cheap clothing opened for the past 5 years, but still remains one of the phenomena of “collective hysteria” that animate London shopping.


Especially women, of all ages, who come to find original garments and low cost. Girls and ladies that flutter among the aisles, trying and trying again the clothing and accessories, to the despair of boyfriends and husbands, who yearn for the moment when you will have to go to the checkout to pay.

And now even tourists, just curious, smiling, shaking his head, or buyers looking for a gift to take home, taking care not to exceed the weight limits provided for by low-cost airline.

The Primark, is located at 499 Oxford Street, and is open daily from 8.30 am to 22, up to 21 on Saturdays, and from 12 to 18 on Sunday.