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The longest path in the trees of the world, in the Bavarian Forest Park

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Bavaria is one of the most interesting regions of Germany, is so rich in ancient towns, landscapes in which to get lost and fairytale castles to explore. And even if you are a fan of nature, wild animals and exploratory walks, Bavaria can wink with some rather original attractions. Such as this sort of big Easter eggs built around the trees in the park of the Bavarian Forest.

Bavarian Forest Park

To be precise, it is egg-shaped towers, which visitors can climb to be able to walk among the trees and admire their branches closely. And not just the branches, since those trees are home to a vast array of animals and birds, the park holds and protects.

The path built in Bavaria differs a lot from the classic air routes, running over tall masts, allow even the less adventurous explorers to the knowledge of flora and unknown fauna.

The oval structure offers routes very large and safe, partially usable by those who travel by wheelchair. At the top, 44 meters high, there is also a roof terrace to enjoy the forests and mountains of Bavaria and Bohemia.

The ticket to the longest path of the world on top of the trees (1300 meters) costs 8 euro and in this period can be accessed from 9:30 to 15:30.