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The five most romantic Florida beaches

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Have you ever wondered what are the most romantic beaches of Florida? Let’s say that in Florida there are lots of beaches, but these are the ones most suitable for lovers.

romantic florida beach

For many people, an uncrowded beach is the key to a romantic trip: if you are a loving couple, want peace and tranquility in your elopement, not a super beach crowded with tourists, with children chattering and sellers of hot dogs around every corner. That’s why today we’re going to see what the five most romantic beaches in Florida are. Notwithstanding that Florida is chock full of beautiful beaches with pristine dunes, forests along the coast, tidal habitats rich in fauna and flora. But here we will focus on the most romantic beach.

It starts immediately with Amelia Island, here you find everything you’re looking for a romantic beach in Florida: tranquility, peace, few people, the sound of gentle waves. Also this is one of the few beaches of the east coast of Florida that allows you to go riding on its golden sands. Both sunrise and sunset are spectacular, but the adventurous can also do a kayak tour of the salt marshes to see the local wildlife, including dolphins and bald eagles. Also in the spring here fireflies congregate by the thousands and become a magical place.

Let’s move to Vilano Beach: here you will find a perfect combination of colonial charm and a beautiful windy beach. Situated near St. Augustine, is an ideal place for fishing. But if you want to make a romantic picnic, then you have to take a table at Vilano Beach Pier, with spectacular views of St. Augustine downtown, the Castillo de San Marcos and the Misione of Nombre de Dios. On the first Saturday of the month, moreover, there is a special sunset celebration with live music and some pirate. At night, enjoy a carriage ride through the cobbled streets of the city.

We go now to Lovers Key State Park located between Fort Myers Beach and Bonita Beach, only the most determined enthusiasts in the past made the effort to reach the islet of Lovers Key. Scenically beautiful, it is the park that contains it is one of the most visited in Florida. Obviously there’s a stretch of beach more crowded, but walking a little you will find most reserved and quiet. You can also rent bicycles or enjoy the park along the waterways that cross it. Here you can see bald eagles and West Indian manatee.

Let’s move to Little Torch Key, here the isolation and solitude are guaranteed. The only way to get to the island is by boat or seaplane. The only place you’ll find is the Little Palm Island Resort & Spa: in its 15 bungalows will not find televisions or telephones in life; you can just relax on the beach or dive into the sea, hoping to spot dolphins.

We finish the journey to Siesta Key Beach, located along the Gulf Coast of Florida. White sand composed of 99% quartz and it is never too hot. Also always enjoys a cool breeze and the turquoise waters are usually very calm. Here you can enjoy romantic sunsets, take romantic beach volleyball or take a dip in the ocean. And watch out dolphins that often enjoy jumping out of the water.