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Happy Rizzi House in Germany, the happiest house in the world

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Described as the world’s happiest home, Happy Rizzi House (Rizzi-Haus) in Brunswick, Germany, is a masterpiece of architecture inspired by the comic, that retaliation is right in the heart of a historic and staid German district.

Happy Rizzi House

Almost with pride ahead of the other buildings from the neighborhood, Happy Rizzi House is the vision of New York pop artist James Rizzi (who died in 2011) and the architect Konrad Kloster. Strongly influenced by the spirit and style of Rizzi, the structures are decorated with wild forms and faces colored with bright pink, yellow and green that resemble music videos of the 80s.

The psychedelic group formed by these visionary buildings had no immediate success, especially since put in relation with the surrounding city; in effect a direct and deliberate visual opposition with the modern business district on one side and the old European architecture on the other.

However the funny faces with eyes irregularly spherical, which are also windows in the end, were accepted and now represent a unique and important part of the city landscape of Brunswick, where in fact mark the border between the two unofficial souls.

The Happy Rizzi House, built between 1997 to 1999, consists of nine blocks, which form a whole, functional and aesthetic.