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Destination: Gold Coast in Australia

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The Gold Coast is for Fun! The Gold Coast is made for fun, is the advertising of this wonderful natural playground, Australian grown dramatically in recent years, thanks to the tourism industry, which in these parts has been developed since the 20s around a haunted hotel, needless to say, by surfers.

Gold Coast

We are in Queensland, the land of the Queen, and today Gold Cost City is the second city in the state, after Brisbane; and all thanks to tourism.

The Gold Coast today is in fact an important Australian tourist destination, thanks to its sunny subtropical climate, perfect beaches for surfing, theme parks, nightclubs, as well as the beauty of its natural landscapes, such as the inland rainforest, or the many beaches, such as those of Double Island, Cape Tribulation and Noosa beach.

All the luck of these Australians, who from their cities, many of which are among the world’s most livable, they can spend their holidays in the Goald Coast.