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The Azores: A lost paradise off the coast of the Portugal

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Like a lost paradise, the nine Azores islands, lost in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean offers a unique journey to the center of the world!

Azores islands

Dreaming up new horizons for your green holiday? Opt for the Azores, Portuguese islands west of Lisbon, haven for plants and animals, lost in the middle of the ocean.

These volcanic islands offer the ascension of their volcanoes, which allow you to enjoy a superb view from the top but also to enjoy the ride itself: green meadows, forests and flowers are the sets of these lovely islands. On the island of Graciosa is an ancient volcano that you can even go inside with stairs that can penetrate underground.

The Ocean also offers treasures of nature: whales and dolphins pass offshore of the Azores, to the delight of visitors in search of thrills. So you can pick and approach these extraordinary mammals closer for an exceptional experience and bring back memories. Flores is considered one of the most beautiful islands of this small archipelago, with its lakes and many species of flowers.

Treat yourself to a cure in the hot springs of the island and come back from holiday in perfect health!

Picturesque villages and charming dimensions, offer charming streets and pleasant surroundings. On the island of Terceira, you can visit a city listed as UNESCO World Heritage: Angra do Heroismo, and its Cathedral, its Roman theater… You will also attend events like the traditional Portuguese bullfights. The large marina on the island of Faial in turn attracts many vacationers lovers of fine yachts and ships.