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Holidays in Miami, Florida

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During your vacation in Florida, you can visit Miami Beach and Miami, which are actually two very different cities. Miami Beach is mainly dedicated to tourism, and and Miami is a city in tones much more “latino”.

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In Miami Beach, you can stroll in the Art Deco district, for example along the Lincold Road beside which succeeds houses and mansions of great beauty. You can also stroll through the “jungle of the apes” for example, or get on a boat that will lead you to tour Miami.

And after dark, your day will not end either. You will discover a new face of Miami. Going stroll towards the Art Deco district of Miami Beach, you will meet plenty of restaurants where you can dine with family or friends, but also many bars that allow you to dance through the night!

Finally, in the heart of Miami you will also allow to explore the national parks. You could for example go near the Everglades National Park, which is composed of small islands, coral and clear water, a feast for the eyes.