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Strikes, work deadlines … beware!

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This summer is especially marked by repeated strikes on all fronts and renovation or construction of road involved on major highways. Delayed or canceled flights, air traffic controllers on strike, rail companies exceeded… what next counteract some vacation plans.

airport strike

First reaction, perspective and take this troubles patiently. If, despite your current eve strikes, you face a spontaneous movement, stay calm in order to remain lucid and responsive, think about your upcoming vacation!

If an information office or home is available, do not hesitate to go there, especially if you have connecting flights, to make sure that you can take them or if you communicate an alternative. On this point, stay firm and made your rights in aircraft: the case returning to the transport company, it must propose a solution. Meanwhile, you can ask them a good meal and drinks.

To avoid as far as what these little annoyances, consider insurance cancellations including on you combine several means of transportation such as the train and the boat or plane.

Moreover, besides strikes and last minute cancellations, no doubt will you have to deal with traditional traffic jams due to major holiday departures and increased the number of road works undertaken.