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Snagov Monastery, Romania

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On a small island in a lake on the outskirts of Bucharest is the mysterious Snagov Monastery, where according to local tradition, would be the location where Vlad Tepes, “The Impaler”, the character who inspired Bram Stoker to write Dracula.

Snagov Monastery

Originally founded in the fourteenth century and later excavated in 1933, the monastery is a place seemingly lost in the country’s history, as it is in a small isolated island. However, locals say that after the bloody and warlike life he led Vlad Tepes III, requested that his death would lead to rest his remains to the church of this recondite place.

Some archaeologists and historians have worked to make sure that this story is true and no one has been able to even verify such data. After say several excavations have found traces of a mixture of horse and human bones, but there is nothing to confirm the possible burial of Dracula.

Most historians believe that the Prince of Wallachia was buried in a monastery in the region of Comana, but this has not stopped many people believe that this story is false.

Currently, there is a bridge that allows you to cross to the island and in the interior of the Church is a headstone that supposedly was the place where they were buried the remains of Vlad Tepes.

Fact or legend, what is certain is that early winter days, when the mist rises over the lake, the mystery plaguing the monastery and perhaps then we could even imagine to Dracula visiting those places.