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Rent a car in place: the benefits

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The holidays are looming on the horizon and you are crucial in the face of the organization of your stay. Whether you are on holiday by plane, train or boat, the question remains of how to get around once you arrive and the choice of public transport is sometimes binding. But have you thought about renting a car there?

renting a car

It is true that one can not always travel with his own car and made ​​to turn to car rental offers several advantages. If you plan to go on holiday by plane, taxi can cost up to one third the price of one week car rental! It is well known, the routes between the airport and downtown are often expensive and you can double the score if you arrive in the evening.

Most car rental agencies, gives you the possibility of reserving a vehicle at any time or even to the day almost before your departure. It is therefore more appropriate to examine it from your holiday dates known, as some agencies require a reservation at least one week in advance depending on your destination. One advantage to renting a car there is the gain of time and tranquility. This will prevent the provision to negotiate every time you’ll want to get around your place of stay and it will be a very good alternative for those who have not the art of negotiation!

Tips: Be careful for young drivers! You must provide proof of two years of driving for a rental car, although some agencies require only a year. Remember to review your lease with a clear head that you will avoid unpleasant surprises on key issues such as franchise related costs or insurance.