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Poppies at the Tower of London to remember the Great War

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This is not a photo-montage, but a real artistic installation created by Paul Cummins, entitled “Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red”.

Tower of London

888,246 ceramic poppies which filled the moat of the Tower of London, until you arrive on the walls; one for each of the Allied soldiers who died during the conflict. From now on each of these ceramic poppies is on sale at 25 pounds, 450,000 have already been sold by reservation.

The installation will then be dismantled, but not a good reason to not visit The Tower of London, the historic castle of the rulers, located on the north bank of the Thames, in what is now the center of London, but at the time of its founding, in 1078, was on the outside of the city.

Today the Tower of London has lost its military value, and has become one of the main tourist attractions in London, both for its intrinsic value, historical and cultural heritage, so much so that entered the UNESCO World Heritage list, both because here are kept the Crown Jewels.