Places for whale watching

The Whale watching is an activity that consists in the observation of cetaceans in their natural environment.

whale watching

More and more fans of the world of cetaceans rely in the hands of experts and operators who organize boat trips to the places where the population of whales is sufficiently wide. In very few places in the world, such as along the southern coast of South Africa and Australia, you can go whale watching from the ground.

The most famous places where to watch whales in the waters off the coast of Scandinavia, the Pacific coast of Mexico, Kenya, New Zealand, Azores, Iceland, Canada (especially in the mouth of the St. Lawrence, in Quebec), Argentina (The Valdes Peninsula, Patagonia), Australia and South Africa (mainly in the Mossel Bay region).

Even in Thailand, in Bangkok Bay, where wildlife photographer takes tourists into the sea to admire the enchanting spectacle of the whales that swim and play in their natural habitat.

In the Mediterranean, you can watch whales in a protected area situated between Liguria and Corsica called Cetacean Sanctuary.

The Whale watching is becoming increasingly form of tourism that respects nature and the ecosystem.