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Making calls in an aircraft, the US closer to yes

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Call while you are flying in an aircraft? Yes, we can. The US regulators are considering whether to allow phone conversations in heaven, as long as passengers are warned in advance of possible “distractions”.

calls in an aircraft

A decision on the proposal, the US Department of Transportation, which opened the door to such a scenario, leaves the airlines to decide whether or not to allow voice calls over the Wi-Fi systems available on board, more and more sophisticated. If opt for yes, then the same companies, and agents that sell tickets must warn customers clearly to “ensure that passengers are not exposed” to phone calls other people’s against their will.

For now, the Department of Transport is only a proposal. Its officers in fact will have to consider what is likely to be a flood of comments; many of them are likely to be opposed to phone calls in the cabin.

There is still the possibility that the department prevents phone calls over US airspace, which also applies to foreign airlines that land and take off from American cities.

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