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Phuket: Less beach and more malls for Russian and Chinese tourists

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When chains begin to build new hotels, it is because they have studied thoroughly the demand and requirements. Thus it is that Phuket soon will birth new hotels… away from the beach.


Recent studies of demand and trends in the area, speak clearly that Russian and Chinese tourists will star in the near future on this island paradise that once attracted thousands of European visitors brought by images of its beautiful beaches.

5 years ago, Phuket was voted one of the 10 best islands for a honeymoon for its beauty, tranquility, quality of services and wild, romantic. Much has changed in recent years from the influx and growing new travelers from Russia and China.

Phuket Airport last year received more than 9 million passengers (almost 50% more than its maximum operating capacity). Approximately 60% arrived on flights from Russian or Chinese cities, or came from connections and carrying passports of those nationalities.

Before 2016, Phuket will have 4,000 new hotel rooms in big hotels with enclosed shopping centers and Conference halls and business meetings. These are the services most demanded by the new visitors as they prefer to return home loaded bags of brand rather than with a good tan and thousands of pictures of the stunning natural beauty of Phuket.