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Perfectly prepare your suitcase

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Enlisting the luggage for a short or long trip it is a problem for all women, no woman is traveling with a single case, unless you have already been warned that you will have to pay for excess baggage. But be calm that this time we will give you excellent tips to make this task not a fuss.

prepare suitcase

First look for a suitcase comfortable with enough cushioning material so that it will protect our belongings, do not pick the biggest, and must take into account the amount of weight you should carry. Try to think small and choose a regular size suitcase but well covered.

Before you get to fill your suitcase, make a list considering what activities take place in the days that you are away. Planning that it is what you’ll need and only when you have things clear, dare to make your baggage, do not doubt that the job will be lightened.

Do not forget that you should first check what the climate of the place where you travel. Try calling a known or inquire of the lady that sold the tickets, this information is key to knowing what clothes we wear. It would be terrible to wear only jeans and sleeveless undershirt while in midwinter.