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On vacation, beware of pickpockets!

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When you go on vacation, beware of pickpockets. In subways, at bus stops, in queues to enter the museums or reach the most famous monuments, even inside buildings, pickpockets have several fields of predilections.

beware of pickpockets

Also, a few precautions. When you travel for a few days or just the weekend to visit a place, avoid wearing expensive jewelry that could arouse lust. Similarly if you take money in cash on you, divide the either between you if you’re several or several pockets and bags that you have on you. Consider preparing a wallet for current expenses of travel tickets, drinks, meals, entrance tickets and souvenirs. This saves you from having to open such large purse or bag and show your wallet in public.

Watches, chains, often phones in pockets and purses are prime targets for pickpockets. Make sure to securely close your bag and can keep an eye on the closure. If you travel with a backpack, wear the front, avoid sacks slung backwards or small bags that you could take that in hand to facilitate the theft-snatching.

In summary, carry the necessities and stay vigilant to not to let a pickpocket ruin your vacation!