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Test the different mountain hiking

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For your holiday in the mountains, skiing is not the only possible activity. The hike is another way to enjoy the mountain. In snowshoes, snowmobile, sled pulled by dogs or horses, your vacation will allow you to practice hiking in different forms. The more adventurous will opt for sledding or snowmobile while others choose snowshoes or skijoring.

mountain hiking

Ski touring
It takes a little technique and a good training to climb the snowy slopes but this slow rise is a magical sliding in wonderful landscapes.

Snowshoeing can discover the real mountain away from the crowds. Follow the animal tracks and discover a rabbit or a goat. Make your own tracks in untouched nature and immaculate. This ancient mode of travel can go just about anywhere.

It is a children dream but also adults like to experience the incredible feel of a sleigh ride pulled by dogs. For an hour or several days, the sleigh ride can become a real sport.

The skijoring is ideal for exploring the slip while being pulled by a horse, it is not necessary to be a great skier, just keep your skis parallel to admire nature in the placid pace of a horse trait.

Driving on ice or snow is an extreme sport but the vehicles are safe and fun. Snowmobiling hiking can be a simple introduction, a discovery trip or even a night hike, alone or in pairs on the same machine.