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On hot air balloon in Cappadocia

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The Turkey is not only Istanbul. If you plan to live a magical experience, then the Cappadocia is the place for you. Cappadocia is a small region of central Turkey and what makes it special is its unique geological formation in the world, why it is the UNESCO heritage site since 1985.

hot air balloon in Cappadocia

A must stop if you are in Cappadocia is the hot air balloon ride, a unique experience that will allow you to see these beautiful landscapes. Booking a trip in a hot air balloon is simple: you can do it directly through local travel agents, or a once you are there you can just go to one of the many agencies organized for the trip.

The costs is not very cheap – a flight is around 100-150 euro each – but definitely worth the effort. Do not miss the tour around the ancient complex of houses and monasteries and above the valley known as “The Valley of the Chimneys and Fairy”, special lava formations in the form of a cone where once took refuge populations hermits.

The balloon trip can be organized throughout the year, but it is certainly preferable in spring-summer, when the weather is milder. Even if the weather is mild, however, it is advisable to dress heavy, because at that height is so hot.

Departure is at dawn and the trip takes about an hour to 500-600 meters in height: from where you can admire the sun rise behind the mountains, in a clear sky and populated by many colorful balloons.