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Now Is The Time To Start Planning Your Heli Skiing Vacation

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Every winter-lover knows that there are vacations, and then there are vacations that take things to the next level; trips that take your enjoyment of winter sport and the amount of wonder you feel at the natural world around you to a level you’d never thought possible.

heli skiing

But these days, it’s harder and harder to find adventures like this – since every vacation spot and ski lodge seems perpetually overcrowded, and the internet has meant the demise of any spot that may have once been “secret” or overlooked by the general public. So what’s an enterprising thrill-seeker to do? How to find a winter vacation that allows you the comfort of not having to stand around in huge masses of people, while also affording you the nonstop excitement of a truly unique adventure?

The answer can be found in the sport of heli skiing, a combination of two extreme forms that mesh together to create the ultimate in terms of skiing and travel. While the concept of using a helicopter to help reach peaks that take your ski trip to the next level is not new in and of itself, it is something that’s been revolutionized in recent years.

Small group heli skiing excursions are best experienced in places where the natural scenery is untouched, majestic and unparalleled, which is why companies like Bella Coola choose to operate out of British Columbia, Canada. BC, famed worldwide for the unique beauty of its landscapes and mountain ranges, also offers visitors some of the highest and best runs anywhere. On heli skiing trips, guides bring you and a small group up to the peak of one of the mountains you could have only dreamt of scaling in the past, and lets you take in the province’s nature as few have ever done before.

One of the biggest joys of the sport is the bird’s-eye view skiers get to experience as they are whisked to the top of those seemingly endless mountains. Getting to take in all of that natural beauty from a vantage point not many ever get the chance to experience and witness firsthand is, in and of itself, worth the price of a heli skiing vacation – not to mention the rush you get once you actually venture down the slopes. Though you can book a trip like this alone, many prefer to do it as a small group, since experiencing this amazing moment with a few very close friends or family members lets everyone enjoy and bond over the magic of the experience and thus enjoy it even more as the enthusiasm of each person plays off of one another.

The best heli skiing trips are where a great group of those with a passion for skiing and love of nature come together to share in an experience that will leave them breathless even before they start down that mountain. It is a vacation that brings a touch of luxury and a bit of thrill seeking in to the mix and thus it makes for a ski trip that rivals no other.