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New Zealand: A huge Gollum flies in the Wellington airport

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New Zealand is betting heavily on the positive effects of tourism in the saga of the Hobbits and also the new promotional campaign 100% Middle Earth contains references to scenography and the places used as a setting for the film in the series The Lord of the Rings, including the new trilogy would be a prequel.


And one of the characters perhaps more disturbing – excluding the monsters eat men and creatures obscure – and perhaps the slimy and treacherous Gollum. Just the Gollum, accompanied by some giant salmon, makes a fine show, in colossal size, at the airport in Wellington. The giant sculpture area has been placed in the terminal of the New Zealand capital in anticipation of the launch of the new movie ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey‘, which will be in local theaters on 14 December.

Passengers who stop for a snack in the dining area of the main lounge of the airport are thus to be found above the head an impending Gollum dimensional of 13 meters and 1.2 tones which trying to catch salmon. Even the sign of the international airport of Wellington has been changed, announcing the arrival in The Middle of Middle-earth.