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Travel attractions in Boston

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In the amazing city of Boston will be able to enjoy a wonderful pleasure trip. You’ll need to know some of the tourist attractions are there in this destination, among which worth mentioning some like: The Freedom Trail, North End Market, Cambridge and Harvard Square, museums, among others.

Freedom Trail

This is also the most European city in North America and elegant, where you can delve into the culture and history. Meet one of the oldest cities in America, where the study centers with more experience on the continent.

Enjoy a beautiful walk through Boston, and that is a very organized, where you can get to know its various neighborhoods and countless attractions.

The Freedom Trail is one of the favorite walks of the tourists who visit Boston. It will be able to do it on foot for different points of the city and this way he will be able to be a witness of the struggle who should have faced the movement of the liberation so that the United States was proclaiming their freedom. Meet this amazing journey of the country’s history on a guided tour or renting an audio guide to learn some details of the story. The tour starts at the Tourist Information Center in Boston Common, which is located in the Boston street No. 39, indicated by a red line, where you can begin traveling through the history of the U.S. release as a British colony.

Another interesting travel attraction of Boston is New England Aquarium which is open from 9 to 18 hours, and has positioned itself as one of the largest in the country. This is a recreational and education about the marine world, that you can visit with your family. Here you can see animals such as sharks, whales, dolphins and many other marine species. Don’t miss the New England Aquarium, which is located on the coast of Boston.

Among the highlights of the destination attractions in Boston is the Museum of Fine Arts, this was founded in 1870. The same is considered one of the most important at the national level that would only be surpassed by the New York. In this amazing place can admire the art of quality and different times, because you will find important works of Impressionist Homer Winslow and Singleton Copley. Well, the museum has enormous stairs and the wonderful mural of John Singer Sargent at the entrance of the museum. Visit this amazing place that is located on Avenue of the arts 465.

To go shopping in Boston can meet a wide variety of interesting sites. Well, in this city you will find a full range of shopping malls and department stores to enjoy shopping. So, you will find the most varied offerings in places such as Filene’s Basement, Faneuil Hall or Quincy Market. On the other hand you will find in this city, some outlet stores, centers for sale direct from the factory, where you can purchase products at much more convenient prices.