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New York: The rainforest secret of Ford Foundation Building

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If you live in a city like New York is quite normal to seek contact with nature, just as soon as the opportunity arises. And in New York, you have many opportunities to seize these opportunities, not only to Central Park, for example, there are also the Prospect Park, Bryant Park and Riverside Park.

ford fondation building rainforest

Much less known is a real tropical jungle, hidden on East 43rd Street, also because this piece of forest is located within the Ford Foundation Building.

Built in 1967 by Kevin Roche and John Dinkeloo, the building was designed as the headquarters of the Ford Foundation, the charitable humanitarian organization commissioned by Edsel and Herny Ford. Top twelve floors, built of glass and steel, you can think of the building as a huge tropical greenhouse.

In this very special garden grow large and lush trees, next to dwarf shrubs, as well as magnolias, on green terraces that slope between water pools. All under the windows of the open space offices of the Ford Foundation, which allow workers to look out towards the tropical forest. A nice looking, no doubt about it.

Even the true rainfall outside are collected on the roof, and then placed in the giant greenhouse, in addition to the condensation of water vapor inside, to water the plants and feed the pools of water. A few steps from UN, the tropical forest is open to the public all year round .