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My first airplane trip

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Say that there is always a first time for everything. And this is not always must go wrong or be a bad experience. That’s why we’ve compiled all recommendations should follow a first-time traveler and dispel some doubts that arise on first trip.

first airplane trip

Arrive 2 hours before the flight
This recommendation is very important since arriving on time can be the difference between air traveling and road traveling. Arriving in advance we will have time to leave the luggage in the airline, which often have endless queues; allows you to make a last minute call or call to make someone wait for us at the end of the trip; allows us to be located at the airport to avoid wasting time or errors; and above all it gives us tranquility and time to develop with confidence. Remember that before boarding the plane, you must confirm your presence on the airline, leave your luggage (which will be heavy), go through the metal detector to the waiting room and just boarding the plane.

Confirmation of arrival
The famous “check in” today can be done from the internet, which is ideal, thus we arrive with more tranquility to the airport. But if you could not do it this way, you will have to do it from the airport at the entrance of the airline where we will travel, we can do it directly or through some electronic machines that we will find near the tickets of the airline in which we travel. So if you did not make your confirmation from home, try to arrive even a few minutes earlier to do so.

On the plane
Once we boarded the plane we must wait a few minutes for this to take off. The seats are numbered so do not despair in taking a seat. Before taking off the staff in charge will provide some important recommendations in case of eventualities, do not be scared is the global protocol and does not mean that these problems will happen (it is safer to travel in an airplane than a car).

Great tips for the first trip by plane

  • Do not eat before your first trip, you do not know how your body will react in air travel. This will prevent gastric problems, although you will always have the “plastic sachet” in front, but it is better to avoid using it.
  • Not all airports make boarding call, it is best placed near the gate of your flight, so you can know when it is time to address.
  • Go to the bathroom before boarding the plane. Remember that the plane takes a few minutes before taking off and when you do, you should stay for at least 15 minutes in your seat.
  • Do not carry metal things. It is inevitable to go through the metal detector (unless you are pregnant); so try to wear clothes that have no metal parts, but you will have to undress literally. (Put your watch, keys, jewelry and other metal items in your carry-on. It goes without saying that you should not carry weapons or sharps.
  • Bring a book. If the trip takes too long, you will most likely be bored, we recommend you bring some good reading book in your hand bag. Or if you are lucky you have a good neighbor with whom you will share a pleasant conversation (this is very difficult). If the trip is long you will most likely have the option of watching a movie or listening to music.