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Inauguration of the Museum House of Marco Polo in Croatia

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The Croatian island of Korcula believes it can boast a record no small feat: being the birthplace of Marco Polo. Turning to the small island you can come across what would have been the residence of his family, and a few days ago, also visit the museum dedicated to the great explorer.

Museum House of Marco Polo

After months of work and 270 000 euros of expenditure, the resort can offer visitors a new journey and a different perspective on the life of Marco Polo, the man who in the 13th century visited the unknown China.

Visitors will pass through seven scenarios in which it is repeated, so very very realistic – there are also the statues – the life of Marco Polo : departure from Korcula to travel in a caravan in the desert to the court of Kublai Khan.

The new museum, according to the creator, will increase the offer and the tourist attractions of the Croatia island, thanks to the silicone figures that would be of the same kind as those used for the great action films. The entrance ticket costs 8 euros but for Chinese tourists would be free.