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Moscow: Plenty of history to discover

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Moscow is the capital and most populous city in Russia, and the second most populous in Europe. It is an important political, economic, cultural and scientific center. Without exception we know something of the history of this country, we are sure to sound the Soviet Union, The Czars, The Kremlin … A country with a long history and many places to visit.

Moscow Kremlin

We will begin to know Moscow by one of the most well-known places and emblematic of the city, the famous Red Square. This square separates the Kremlin, the current residence of the president of the country, a commercial district. From here part the main streets of Moscow in all directions which later become highways crossing Russia. You could say that is the 0 KM of the country.

This place had it built Ivan III, who destroyed all the buildings that existed in the place, due to the need for a large space in the center of the city where perform public acts. Here are several important monuments to visit, for example the scaffold, the monument to Lenin, and Russian graves popular as Stalin. But something that stands out and that’s sure know it when we see it is that St. Basil’s Cathedral. The ordered the construction of the Tsar Ivan the Terrible. Do you know why they called him the terrible? For example, ordered gouge out the eyes to the architect of the cathedral so that he could not build a work as well. Anecdotes aside, surely you will enjoy a lot in this visit.

The Moscow Kremlin is also one of the must-see city. Here lies the Russian parliament, some cathedrals and churches, and also contains the tombs of the ancient czars. It is located within the walls that surround the Red Square. The place is quite wide, here we leave some of the things you will see: State Kremlin Palace, Trinity Tower, The Tsar Cannon, Ivan the Great Bell Tower and some cathedrals. You’ll have to choose what you most want to see, because as we say, there is much to see here.

On your visit to Moscow will be essential to hop on public transportation such as subways, but do not worry, because even the metro is a sightseeing tour. There are several stations that you can not miss: Kievskaya, Teatratnaya, Novoslobodskaya, Novokuznetskaya and Mayakovskaya. All are decorated in a special way, and make sure to catch public transport is not as tedious as other cities.

When visiting Moscow?
As we all know the main virtue of this city is its climate, so if you choose you’d better choose the summer months to visit. If not, also has its own charm go loaded with umbrellas, 2 or 3 sweaters, gloves, hat…

Money: The Russian currency is the ruble, and we suggest that the change in the exchange houses in there, as it tends to do better. You can also pay with known credit cards such as Visa, Master Card .., but always carry some cash with you, because in many shops still do not accept cards and although there are ATM machines, not as many as in other cities.