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How to prepare your trip via the Internet

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The web world is already part of our life. Take advantage of the tools that are available online to choose the destination, compare prices of transport and accommodation and plan our vacation and enjoy more.

trip via internet

Currently, we are connected to the Internet virtually all day: we chat with our friends, listen to music, we work and pay bills online. It is time, then, to start using the tools that are available to make it easier to organize a trip:

Location, location, location: The first thing is to define the destination: beach or mountains, within the country or an overseas trip. Browse through the major social networks can help to decide where to go. Take a walk around our friends latest vacation photos on Facebook, we can see their experiences and know the destination a little more through their eyes.

The price does matter: The options also. Perfect, we decided the place, but surely the next question will be whether the budget that we have for the holidays. To orient ourself in relation to prices, a good choice is the agencies that operate online. There we can check travel costs, hotels and even car rentals. In addition, in many cases they show how to vary prices leave a day before or after which we had in mind. Unlike direct vendor sites, agencies have the advantage of showing multiple alternatives to choose from more options.

Where to stay? One of the most-used tools to know that actually gives each hotel is TripAdvisor. You choose the city you go to and the days that you’ll be there and it gives you a list with different accommodation options. How is unlike any other search engine? Travelers from around the world have their experience at the hotel, the value for money and how attended, which gives you a better perspective when deciding.

On the way: Checking if cancellations or delays before leaving home became a habit for travelers. Thanks to Check my trip you can check from a computer or smartphone if you will leave or not on schedule. It also lets you know the weather at destination and have maps of the city.

To eat! A fundamental part of the trip is to learn about the food at the place we are going. A tool that is gaining ground in this regard is Foursquare, which lets we search for recommendations and advice not only restaurants but also bars and places to visit.

In rotation: To miss nothing out when to go, a good option is to put together guides on Choose the places you want to know (such as museums, parks, clubs, shopping) and you can take a tour that suits your tastes.

Photography: There is no longer a need to return home for displaying photos and videos of the trip. With a smart cell, you can take a picture and share it instantly with Twitpic. If you can wait to have a computer in front, you can create an account on Picasa or Flickr to put all the photos and put albums together, where you can label people, make comments and even mark where you were on the map.