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Misol-Ha, a dream turned into a waterfall

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One of the most beautiful postcards of Chiapas is the one that gives us the Misol-Ha waterfall, whose name, translated from the Maya, means “swept water”.

Misol-Ha waterfall

The location of this beautiful waterfall is ideal, since it is located just 20 km from the archaeological site of Palenque, on the road that leads to the spectacular Agua Azul Waterfalls, which facilitates the visit to these three attractions in a single route.

The beauty of Misol-Ha will leave you speechless, since you are in the middle of an exotic tropical forest upholstered by trees of precious woods that exceed 30 meters in height. This idyllic landscape was also one of the locations where the movie “Predator” was filmed, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

What to see in Misol-Ha

One of the first impressions you will get when you arrive at Misol-Ha will be when you hear the powerful sound of the torrent that falls more than 30 meters high to break in the circular pit that contains the current of this waterfall.

But the experience does not end there, because unlike other waterfalls, Misol-Ha hides behind its fall a corridor that will give you an incredible perspective of the place, since you can practically walk under the curtain of water to contemplate it in its entire splendor.

Of course, we recommend you go prepared with waterproof or quick drying clothes, because when crossing this passageway, the breeze that emerges from the waterfall can leave you drenched if the wind blows towards you.

We also recommend using sports shoes, since both the stairs that descend to the pool of the waterfall, and the path that crosses behind it, have areas where it is easy to slide due to humidity.

Sometimes it is possible to swim both on the shore of the main pit and in other smaller ones that form on the top of the cliff where the fall of the water is born; however, this can only be done with the prior authorization of the park administrators and if environmental conditions permit, especially outside the rainy season.

Tours within the Misol-Ha reserve

The jungle landscape, together with the almost mystical energy that emerges from Misol-Ha, turns it into a place full of surprises, like the secret grotto that is hidden among the rock walls around the waterfall, where you will travel in the time to an almost prehistoric scenario to observe remains of fossilized organisms. This grotto is still used for the performance of Mayan rituals.

Another unmissable point of Misol-Ha is the area of the viewpoint, where you will have an impressive panoramic view of the waterfall from its highest part. To do both tours it is necessary to hire the local guides of the park.

Sleep with the lullaby of the jungle

If you want to live a unique experience spending the night in the middle of the incredible tropical landscape of the Chiapas jungle, with a unique view to the waterfall, the reserve has the service of lodging in ecological cabins for 2 and 5 people.

Due to the high demand of the cabins, it is recommended to make the reservation of them at least two or three weeks in advance.

Travel tips for Misol-Ha

  • The climate in the area is usually hot and humid most of the year, so we suggest you go prepared with light and comfortable clothes and use mosquito repellent.
  • Although during the rainy season it prevents swimming in the moat, it is one of the best times to admire the Misol-Ha waterfall in all its splendor, because its torrent is more abundant.
  • If your idea is to include a visit to the Agua Azul Waterfalls from Misol-Ha, we recommend filling your fuel tank before leaving Palenque, since in this stretch of road there are no gas stations and the only option to recharge is to buy fuel per gallon in the stores along the way.
  • Drive with caution, since the road has many curves and only has two lanes (one for each direction). It is also common that during the journey, especially in areas close to the communities, children try to stop the movement of vehicles to sell fruit or crafts; therefore, we recommend moderating the driving speed.
  • Due to the conditions of the road, avoid it during the night, starting your trip at the beginning of the day.
  • Wear a waterproof case for your camera or a waterproof camera.
  • The park has a sanitary service and regional cuisine restaurant which includes dishes with mojarra, a fish grown in the farms of the area.

How to get in the Misol-Ha

From the city of Palenque take highway 199 towards Ocosingo. At 27 kilometer you will see on your right side the diversion towards the Misol-Ha waterfall. To enter, two payments are made that do not exceed 30 pesos: the first is made by taking the deviation to the waterfall and the second when arriving at the parking lot of the park.

Image source: flickr