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Marriage in Thailand: From dream to reality

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Marriage is a defining moment in our life. Celebration on the Land of Smiles according to Buddhist rites, it is exceptional.

marriage in thailand

What could be more magical than getting married on a beach in Thailand facing the ocean! Imagine you arrive at the airport: leis, singing, dancing, flower rickshaws, discovering your house in Thailand, the dream begins!

On the day, clothing becomes important: keeping purple or carmine (color of Buddhism), married to Western or Thai adorned with jewelry. Drums and songs resound: the procession, flooded with flower petals, began their procession to the celebration place.

The bridesmaids advance in rate, covered with flowers, singing, dancing, wearing the traditional offerings of fruit. The ceremony performed by three Buddhist monks started with prayers.

Then this is the ritual of links: a monk is a ribbon on the head of the couple, symbolizing the union of their destiny. Candles and incense are lit. The monks pray to bring fortune and prosperity to the couple.

After the departure of the monks, Thai custom is that the elder of the congregation laid a wreath of flowers around the neck of the newlyweds. Each guest congratulated the young couple, pours holy water in their hands. Alliances are exchanged: the groom may kiss the bride! The champagne corks pop and the party begin!

In Buddhism, marriage is not a sacrament but a contract or recognition of a human relationship, and then the monks call a certificate. Your marriage in Thailand can be formalized.